Financial Ministry to present a list of tax evaders


It is reported that the Ministry of Finance has planned to submit a full report related to tax fraud, which has been the subject of much discussion in the Parliament, to the Parliament very soon.

The related report is to be prepared after a special discussion to be held today – Sep 26 with the heads of several other institutions including the Sri Lanka Customs, Excise Department, and Inland Revenue Department.

According to the information presented to Parliament by Member of Parliament Mahindananda Aluthgama, the number of taxpayers in this country is 59000. Among them, it was revealed that 28000 taxpayers pay less than 10 lakh rupees and only 80 people pay more than 100 lakh rupees.

His conclusion is that the law should be enforced against tax evaders. They should have the responsibility to implement this rather than just an idea or suggestion. But the experience of the public is that even though there are laws established in Sri Lanka, they are not implemented in a proper manner to the corrupt, fraudsters, and criminals.

Meanwhile, Finance State Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya has said that a new program will be launched from the first of October to collect 25 lakh, new tax payers, due to the need to increase tax revenue.
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