Sri Lanka to take steps to offer land for Investors


Sri Lanka will offer land for private investors to build and operate industrial zones, Director General of the Board of Investment, Renuka Weerakone said.

Sri Lanka is targeting between 1.5 to 2.0 billion US dollars of foreign investments in 2023.

“Going forward, policymakers have made the decision that we will offer lands to investors where they can set up PPP projects for zonal development, and the government or the BOI will not have to spend on capital infrastructure,” Weerakone said.

Also, speaking at the press, Minister Amunugama said that they have already informed their missions in other countries to bring in proposals to see whether there are investors who want to run a zone.
“So they can manage the entire zone, and of course, the BOI would be a part of it by facilitating, but the zone will be managed by a private investor.” he said.

“Foreign investors are again showing interest and there are Korean, Japanese, US, and German investors starting to come in,” said the DG of the BOI Weerakone.

“With policy changes that have happened, there is going to be stability, which they were not certain about, so we are very optimistic.”


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