The Tamil diaspora is unlikely to invest in Sri Lanka until devolution takes Sri Lanka

“Tamil diaspora organizations noted that they would only invest in Sri Lanka if a suitable political solution for the Tamil national ethnic question was achieved, not just for the North and East of the country, but also for all other provinces. The Morning newspaper reported today.

GTF spokesperson Suren Surendiran told The Morning that if Sri Lanka achieves an acceptable political solution for the 70-plus-year-old Tamil national ethnic question through meaningful devolution to the provinces, Sri Lanka could only imagine the possibilities of the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora business community together with the Tamil Nadu business community starting to invest in business ventures in Sri Lanka.

He added that, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, three months after the ban was implemented, the GTF offered $2.6 million worth of respirators, which were in short supply in many rural hospitals in Sri Lanka.

He noted that the actions of the Government of Sri Lanka in relation to diaspora organizations have minimal or zero effect.

This was an abuse of the UN Regulation.

The Tamil diaspora spokesman criticized the Sri Lanka Government’s position at the recent UNHCR 52ND Session.ND

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