Colombo Archbishop challenges the Government to resign and hold snap general elections

Government MPs should resign and create an opportunity for the people to elect a new government, Archbishop of Colombo Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said while criticizing the current situation in Sri Lanka.

“Those who rule the country today have created a sorry state of affairs where the nation is concerned and therefore, the MPs and the Ministers who represent the government should resign from their posts if they have a backbone and pave the way for the people to elect a new administration,” Archbishop Cardinal Ranjith said at a press conference called by him at the Bishop’s House yesterday noon, 13th March.

“It cannot be said that the people of this country like these rulers now, because we voted for another manifesto. That manifesto does not exist today. Instead, they are trying to bring forward new manifestos. Therefore, they should come to power with a new vote with a new manifesto. Then the people will be able to decide to whom the country will be handed over.” Said Archbishop Cardinal Ranjith.

And , the Cardinal Ranjith called for action against MPs whom he alleged are engaged in belittling the authority of judiciary.

“No one has the authority to interfere in the decision of the Supreme Court. It is clear that the judgment given on March 3, 2023 by the Supreme Court binds on the President, government and Parliament in equal measure. So, they need to follow the decision faithfully. Else they would be belittling the authority of the Supreme Court and undermine the basis of democracy,” the Cardinal said.

“It was reported that two Members of Parliament have spoken concerning the judgment given by the Supreme Court over the local government elections. The MPs have called this decision a violation of their parliamentary privileges by Courts. This matter is to be viewed with great concern. This request by the two MPs is not in keeping with the dignity and freedom of the Supreme Court and any interference with courts on the basis of parliamentary privileges is unacceptable. I appeal that action be taken against these MPs to ensure that freedom of the judiciary is maintained.

Archbishop Cardinal Ranjith emphasized that no one can interfere with the judiciary matters under the pretext of privilege issues. He also urged the President, the Government and the Parliament to comply with the Supreme Court’s interim order.

Further, the Archbishop stated that trying to postpone the elections that should be held on time, not providing funds, coming up with various obstacles, etc. is not suitable for the leaders who follow democracy and it is undemocratic.

He emphasized that the government has no power to take away the rights of the people, and if it does, it will become a country with a dictatorial regime and Sri Lanka should not go to such a regime.

Cardinal Ranjith mentioned that it is heard that various international groups are secretly entering the country and there are many news get about the port of Trincomalee and in the theory of privatization a plan is being organized to distribute the assets in the country to various foreigners.

Cardinal Ranjith said that it is a very sad situation and Sri Lanka is being pushed into a very unfortunate period and such actions cannot be approved.

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